Bailey Street School Play c1957/58

It is a picture of Bailey Street School play about 1957/58. I attended there from 1955-1961, and lived at 10 Starkey Street. My maiden name was Susan Wigham.
I am the girl on the tea trolley at the back. Next to me (I think) is Michael Thompson and on the other side Anita Thompson (I don’t think they are related). The “witch” is Kathleen Fowler. At the extreme right of that row is Valerie Harrisskitt.  The front row fairies are Norma Hooton and the girl kneeling on one knee is (I think) Glynis West.

Photograph and details courtesy of Sue Hields

7 thoughts on “Bailey Street School Play c1957/58

  1. I have a feeling I was the cat bottom right of this photo.

    Two of my class mates I can remember that are possibly in this photo are Keith Nattress and Kenny Allinson


  2. Yes we made all sorts of things with those milk bottle tops, and the teachers must have been worn out making all those fairy dresses etc. I was princess Marigold in one play, and I had to cry for the moon, which I did very convincingly!


  3. I didn’t go to Bailey Street school but my grandparents lived in Starkey Street and my dad went to this school. I remember playing with you Susan – we must be around the same age as I left my primary school in 1961 also.


    • I must be very fortunate, to have attended Bailey Street until I was 11 years old. I am Susan Wigham’s sister, Rhona. It was a marvelous school, and I remember our teachers took us on all sorts of outings and taught us how to plant seeds and grow flowers, we had no facility for this at home. None of us did. Miss Turnbull and Mrs Thompson were very dedicated. There was a teacher called Davidson as well. Mrs (or Miss) Skinner was the headteacher. Happy memories. We went to the ‘huts’ to learn to dance (the Durham Reel) and this is where we dug a small border round the huts to plant seeds.


  4. Hi there,my name was Pat York and I am looking for a photo exactly like this one (my sister is in this one Brenda York) a couple of years before.


  5. They must have done the same play every Christmas. I have a similar photo from about 1953. Were the fairy dresses made from crepe paper?


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