Rumplestiltskin – Norton Board School 1950s

The cast of “Rumplestiltskin” produced by Norton Board School in the early 1950s.  This play was part of a multi-school presentation staged at William Newton School during the summer months.  I have a feeling that this festival of plays was associated with the Coronation festivities, but am open to correction in this respect.

The cast members as currently identified are: Back row: ??, ??, Susan Wright, Billy Nicholson, Raymond Hardwick, Stuart McKenzie, Joan Berryman,  ??.  Jennifer Rogers, ? Thomson, Jennifer Congreve, Colin Howard, Janet Humphreys.   Arthur Tattersdill, Pamela Westgarth, ??, Irene Wales,  ??, ??.  Stuart Guthrie, Peter Rigg, Donald Peckitt, David Davies.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Rigg.

3 thoughts on “Rumplestiltskin – Norton Board School 1950s

  1. I went to Norton Board school in the mid 1960’s, for about 3 or 4 years. I have a lasting memory of our teacher, I can’t remember her name, standing kids in front of a blackboard to do ‘sums’, each mistake was accompanied with a slap on the back of our bare legs with a ruler. I have hated maths ever since.


  2. I was at Norton Board School fron 1947 to 1951. First teacher was Miss Storey. Then Mr Thompson. HEAD was Pop Roberts then Mr Corner whom we all feared.


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