16 thoughts on “Old School Building in Portrack

  1. Off Portrack Lane … does anyone know what the concrete strip was that runs south-east to north-west alongside Holme House Prison?


  2. I recall a Johnny Jones who had a motor-bike repair shop on the corner of Portrack Lane & Jackson Street. There were shops on just about every corner of the lane in those old days.


  3. As regards to the old building, pictured. It was at one time a store-house for Russell’s Cash and Carry, not a main warehouse, as this was a auxiliary store-house for the likes of washing-up liquid, bleach, toilet-paper, kitchen roll, nappies etc. I used to work for Russell’s and the store-house had interesting features. Wright’s Lemonade had it for a while until it closed down.


  4. The building on the left of the second photo was Harkers Engineering five shop where they did their aerospace work in, it was also used as a stores area.


  5. I remember this building when I was a little, I believe it was used as the Dining hall for Bailey Street School at one time and yes it was at the top the estate locally known as the buildings.
    The workhouse that Chris Bailey mentions became Saint Annes hospital which was used mainly I believe for older patiants with altzheimers and dementia.


  6. Union Street East. Nov 2011. Out and about, I discovered this former school-building in a side street off the ‘old’ Portrack Lane. It’s current use seems to be as an almost derelict plumbers/builders store. It lays in the centre of a fairly modern trading-estate. My research shows (from old OS. maps) that it had been originally ‘squeezed’ onto a narrow strip of land that was adjacent to the older Stockton Union Workhouse, hence the ‘straight-line’ of it’s form . This large Workhouse edifice, with it’s male & female wings and workshops had formerly been situated in open fields, but as various Engineering works and Foundries began to occupy the Portrack area, there was an obvious need for workers housing close by, viz; Clarence Row, Henry St and Caroline St, plus many others. No doubt the school was then deemed necessary for this ‘new’ community, under the terms of the 1871 Education Act. It’s in the TS18 2HD postcode.


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