Old Locos at Head Wrightson’s

t12415a t12415bThese photographs show two Head Wrightson locomotives which ended their days ‘rusting in piece’ among the old wooden moulding patterns which were stored on waste ground between Research and Development/ Pattern Shop and the river itself.

I think the locos were manufactured by Chapman and Furneaux although I could be wrong. One of the locos had a large brass bell attached to the motion so that when the loco moved it rang the bell as a warning. This ended it’s days behind the bar of the Duke of Wellington pub in Danby – ringing time!

Photographs and details courtesy of Ian Russell.

1 thought on “Old Locos at Head Wrightson’s

  1. In my early days at Head Wrightsons joiners shop as the youngest apprentice it was my job to collect coke for the belly warmer stoves. This being a horrible job. What I did do though was to put empty milk bottles outside the joiners shop and when the engine passed by the drivers would throw coke at the bottles put there as a target. It did save me a couple of journey’s a week.


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