Quayside Locomotive “Kilmarnock”

The “Kilmarnock” was another mid 1960s locomotive used by the Tyne Tees Shipping Company on Stockton’s quayside in the 1960s. This locomotive was an Andrew Barclay 0 4 0ST (works number 814 of 1898), originally supplied to the Tees Union Shipping Co Ltd of Middlesbrough. The photographs show the locomotive in a variety of locations in the waterfront area.

Photographs and details courtesy of Peter H Rigg.

3 thoughts on “Quayside Locomotive “Kilmarnock”

  1. Hi, when I was a young fitter working for Tyne Tees shipping Middlesbrough the boiler smith and myself renovated the “Kilmarnock” to go to Stockton quay at that time it had a large polished name plate across the tank I would love to know where it went to probably weighed in. For a short time I use to travel to Stockton in my bond three wheeler to check it over and the centinell loco,. the Kilmarnock. I remember had buffers.


  2. One of the photos shows a nameplate on the side of the saddletank, but the name does not appear to be “Kilmarnock”. Is this an earlier name for the loco?


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