11 thoughts on “The Metropole Hotel

  1. This photo would of been taken from Tower Street. The Metropole Hotel was on the corner of Park Terrace and Bridge Road. Wood Street was the next street down (out of view).


  2. This hotel was not in Wood Street, I lived opposite it in Park Terrace in 1963 ,I can see it exactly in my minds eye. lived in the first house in Park Terrace, Wood Street was over the road, down Bridge Road on the corner where the doctors was. I am 74, people older than me will remember it. I lived next to the DHSS office which was built approx 1964. The house I lived in was flats. I remember the bottom flat was where a Mrs Roundtree lived. It looks like the county court next door to the Metropole where I got my divorce 1965. I believe its now a public house. I now live in Staffordshire but remember all my hometown well. I lived there 70 years and my mother from Princess St in the 1930s before me, her mother down Adams Street before her. I will return home one day .


  3. Somewhat poignantly, I wonder if the young man standing in the foreground, so intently interested in the photographer, survived the horrors of WWI, which came along just 5-years later.


  4. The ‘People’s Budget’ was proposed in 1909 by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Lloyd George and his Liberal associate, one Winston Churchill. The uniqueness of it’s proposals being that it was the first budget in British history with the expressed intent of redistributing wealth among the British public. Balfour was leader of the Tory opposition.The photograph is therefore dated exactly to the 29/30th April of that year.


  5. When Bruce Forsythe was doing ‘Night at the Paladium’ on a Sunday night we would make our way there to see it. The television room was 1st on the left as you went through the main door.


  6. The newspaper poster in the bottom corner mentions ‘Mr. Balfour’. “He served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from July 1902 to December 1905” (wikipedia). What is the complete text of the poster?


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