Norton Iron Works

t12824Norton Iron Works operated between 1885 – 1879 on a site near Station Road Norton, apparently the first “Big Ben” was cast here in the late 1850s… The Stockton Stone and Concrete Company occupied the Iron Works until the late 1960s. As kids  we used to play there, mainly on the weekends as we always thought it was a castle!

Image and details courtesy of Derek Buttle.

3 thoughts on “Norton Iron Works

  1. That whole area has memories for me, the children from Calf-fallow lane went to the Norton Board School and one or two are still around. As kids we would also go down there brambling and to collect Hazel pears and Plums that grew in the woods on Hawse’s or Kennedy’s farms where as Scouts we would do a weekend camp complete with camp fire and doing our cookery badges among other things.
    The iron works which we were told were haunted would be a playground all be it a dangerous one and our Sunday night Parade as young lads and lasses from the Green after Church down Mill Lane along the willowgarth over the railway, no H&S back then, we just kept our eye’s open.
    The walk took us along the side of the old Roman canal later the mill stream for Norton Mill, the older ones breaking away over the Stream to Cowboy valley for a quickly snatched kiss, we were too young for that. So on up past the first world war rifle butts, you could still find brass cartridge cases then past the works over the railway crossing and down Station Road back to the green. Meanwhile our parents would be walking up and down Norton High Street or sitting on the green meeting and greeting, what else could we do. No pictures no TV nor Dances or clubs, women not allowed in some of the pubs and they closed early so fine nights it was the “Parade” but of course we all knew each other and people talked to each other back then.
    The houses at one side of Calf-fallow lane were on a sort of platform higher than the other side of the road. Just across the railway crossing onto Station Road we had the wall of the cricket field the other side being a wood yard and a Haulage Contractor Mr Fletcher still using a horse and cart well into the 1950’s. Norton was still a Village and most people would know each other helping each other in what were hard times.
    I sit on the green seeing it as it once was a place of fun and games excitement and adventure, where people socialised and masses of people would arrive from the Town on buses Bank Holidays, now the odd dog walker, a massive car park and a few children around the pond, I think we had the best of it hard times or not.


  2. We always called it the old castle also, we would go up to Station Road and bramble all day long going home with many a pound of beautiful brambles for our mothers to bake apple and bramble pies, in between picking the brambles we would explore the old castle to find the dungeons!


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