3 thoughts on “Reed Street Demolition, Thornaby c1975

  1. The building being “demolished”, that is now Manor Coatings, was once a Drill Hall. In the distance in the first picture is the roof of the Salvation Army hall and the bell tower of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Westbury Street.


  2. Excellent pictures. but the information is incorrect. The building being “demolished” is what is now Manor Coatings. I believe the two pictures show the aftermath of a fire, I cannot remember when the fire was exactly, but it was after October ’78, and before May’81. The bottom picture was taken in Gladstone street (approximately where the corner of Percy street was) looking towards Reed Street. I lived in Percy Street From birth(1960) until Oct 18th 1978 and the fire didn’t happen in that time. By 1978 there wasn’t much left of the Bon Lea estate left, houses wise, and what houses were left were demolished in early 1979. Only commercial buildings remained.


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