4 thoughts on “Photos from the Past

  1. A quick look at Google Images, reveals that the illustration on the showcard (to rear) is actually one of the ancient Pontefract Castle.


  2. My friend Jeff Hewitt and myself used to collect rosehips and sell them to Oxbridge Lane school which he attended. We got 3d for a pound, it seemed worth all the scratches back then (around 1953).


  3. I notice that the showcard in the background features ‘Dunhill’s Pontefract Cakes’, another form of ‘sweet’ I recall from my childhood. For those who have never tasted them, these were flat, ‘squidgy’, black circles of sweet, licorice-flavoured confectionery. Licorice was also available in the form of a dry ‘stick,’ that looked like a twig, which was consumed by sucking on it. It seems that both these products are still available from ‘traditional’ sweet shops, the licorice bushes once being a prodigious crop, mainly around the towns of Pontefract and Castleford in W. Yorkshire. During Victorian times, licorice was particularly valued for it’s supposed medicinal properties.


    • We used to go down Sandy Lane or Billingham Beck and pick Rosehips to give to the Chemist at Billingham Station. He would use them to make Rosehip Syrup and he would give us a stick of Licorice Root for our troubles. We would either chew on it or leave it in a glass of water to make Licorice Water.


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