9 thoughts on “Billingham Town Centre

  1. From memory unsure of three.
    First from left Pram shop, second Jewy Louie (school uniforms, clothes ) Fourbouys (sweets, paper shop, lucky bags) Eves (Hair dresser ) Sparks (cakes, bread, iced buns next?? Menhenetts DIY fireworks next Harrisons Knitting and things next Bank always a Bank next trendy clothes shop George Richard? short time next Rea café jukebox Frothy Coffee and Ices next BRW or BRM?? next and last Yorkshire penny bank


  2. The foundation stone for the town center dates back to 1956 which can still be seen on the doorway of the Brighthouse shop.


      • I think this picture was taken in 1965, prior to that there was a main road which passed Sparks and Eve’s. Where Lewis the drapers shop is to the far left of the picture was a bus stop. Complete pedestrianisation was finished in 1966, as for the cars in the background this was a back road from Moorland avenue.


    • I got married in 1958 and it was like that then. It wasn’t long after that the bank gave way to a shop, John Campbells I think. I left Billingham around 60, it was getting made into a pedestrian area then.


      • In 1962 you could get on the 10a or the 11a bus outside of Fourbouys shop as the main road passed all of the shops in the picture. So it must be sometime after that as the road is no longer in the photograph.


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