Oxbridge Lane Level Crossing

t12423The Oxbridge Lane level crossing c1890. After a ten year campaign because of a number of fatalities, the Oxbridge underpass we see today was built in 1893.
The original intention was to give this bridge a 16 ft 6 in height clearance, but because of the Oxbridge Lane school which opened three years beforehand in 1890, it was not possible to have a longer incline because of the school railings and the close proximity of the school to the Leeds Northern line which was erected in 1852.  This shorter incline meant that the bridge height was reduced to 15 ft 6 in. This was to cause problems many years later for firms like Riley Boilers. On one occasion in the early to mid-1950s a boiler became wedged under the bridge. The pneumatic tyres were let down to enable its clearance from the bridge. After this incident large loads were transported along Marlborough Road, Hartburn Avenue, Yarm Lane and then along Stockton High Street. Does anyone recall this incident and what year it happened? If so could they contact me via the Picture Stockton Team.

Photograph and details courtesy of Stuart Inkster.

7 thoughts on “Oxbridge Lane Level Crossing

  1. To the right of the small shed, at the end of the siding, on the right of the picture would be Mary Street. On the left behind the signal box is Vyner Terrace, the house with bay window is Wilfred Villa, Wilfred Street. The long row of houses beyond are on Alliance Street.


  2. The view is looking South, with the junction signal for Hartburn Junction on the left, the signal on the right is for the goods line to Stockton.


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