Plaque, St. John’s Crossing

t15222This photograph taken some years ago shows the plaque commemorating the Stockton and Darlington Railway, although this was not a passenger booking office as it claims. My reason for sending this image is that I was in Stockton last Saturday and noticed the plaque was missing – does anyone know why?

Photograph and details courtesy of David Gibson.

3 thoughts on “Plaque, St. John’s Crossing

  1. A replica plaque has been produced to replace the original stolen and damaged plaque and will be unveiled this Thursday, the 27th September 2018 at 11am.
    Thanks to a significant financial gift from a Stockton benefactor the replacement plaque has been cast by at William Lane Foundry in Middlesbrough and will be mounted on the wall of Bridge House from where the original plaque was stolen. Not only does the new plaque restore a link to the buildings historic past but of perhaps more significance is that the Stockton & Darlington Railway was opened on the 27 September 1825, making this it’s 193rd anniversary.


  2. That is good news Richard, I am very pleased that it will be replaced. The S&D Bi-Centenary is ever closer, and it is important that everyone, young and old, are aware of the importance of those events in the histories of Stockton and the world.


  3. A bit to reply to this one, but vandals removed and broke the plaque in 2013. It was recovered and used to make a pattern for a new cast which will be returned to the site in 2018.


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