Teachers at Hardwick Infant School

We were still Hardwick Infant School when this photograph was taken. From 1984 onward the amalgamation happened and we were Hardwick Primary School. I was Mrs Kell till 1989 when I married Roz and became Mrs Prichard.

Back row; ??, Mrs Smith, ??, Miss Henderson, Mrs Cowell, ??, Mrs Kell, Mrs Jewett, Mrs Reed. Front row: Mrs Mantle, Miss Sharp, Mrs Carson (Head), Miss Greenwell, Mrs Hart.

Photograph and details courtesy of Carole Prichard.


9 thoughts on “Teachers at Hardwick Infant School

  1. Good picture, brilliant memories. I’d have been three at the time, and still a year away from starting nursery, but I definitely remember Mrs Jewitt, Mrs Mantle (who I’m sure is Mrs Orridge, the piano player? I’m probably mistaken), Mrs Cowell, and Mrs Greenwell.

    Mrs Cornwall was head when I was there.


  2. Yes I was, I was one of the children dressed in a nightie. Denise Baxter was the fairy queen. I don’t remember your name, you were obviously in another class. You should put the photo on the site, I have a copy but very creased. I left Bailey Street in 1959 to attend Richard Hind.


  3. What a nice photograph of Miss Sharp. Miss Sharp taught myself and both my brothers at Bailey Street, and then our sister Diane at Hardwick. Our Mam was a dinner lady at Hardwick Juniors in the late sixties and seventies (Nanny Wright).


    • Were you in a Christmas play at Bailey Street? I have a photo of one that I was in, it includes Joyce Thomas, Pamela Wynn, and lots of other pupils, and your name seems familiar to me.


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