4 thoughts on “Norton Board School c1960

  1. I think back row (L to R) the 1st boy is Barry Jones, not Geoff Davison. Middle row (L to R) 2nd boy is Paul Kirby. I left this class the year before to go to Holy Trinity & remember being friends with Brent Smith. Hope you are keeping well Brent.


    • Hello David, how are you. I’m alive and kicking and still playing cricket at my age. How nice to hear from you. Looking at that photo, Mick Fleming is on the left of me as we look at it and I actually saw him last week at a bus stop as I passed on the other side of the road on a bus. He hasn’t changed except a few pounds heavier! Barring that, I have not seen anyone on that photo since I left school. Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. Cheers, Brent.


  2. I recognise some faces but guessing at others (it was a long time ago !) :-

    Back row (L to R) – Geoff Davison (?), Anthony Thorpe, Unknown, Martin Gardener (?), Colin Dale (?), Mick Fleming, Brent Smith, Unknown, Kenneth Bailey.
    Middle row (L to R) – Unknown, Unknown, Heather Russell, Carol Sawyer, Susan Lee, Kathleen Morgan (?), John Thompson, Unknown.
    Front row (L to R) – Victoria Jameson (?), Unknown, Isobel Snowdon, Unknown, Miss Wilson, Unknown, Brenda Collins (?), Unknown, Gillian Hugall.


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