5 thoughts on “The Wesleyan Methodist Church, Stockton c1910

  1. I am delighted to hear the church is still there and thank Dave and J May for there posts. I have now established exactly where the church is and, sure enough, I passed very near to it every day on way to my work at Head Wrightsons in Thornaby. I cycled round Densham’s Corner, up Yarm Road turning left into Westbourne Street, down Parliament Street and out into Bridge Road and over Victoria Bridge. This was in the late Fifties.


  2. When I left Stockton in 1963 I had never been abroad. I thought anything in a foreign land had to be fantastic. Yet here, in Yarm Road, is a gem of ecclesiastical design. I must have passed this church many times as a boy and never really looked at it. The facade is beautifully composed. The rosette windows are tastefully repeated and the two large windows reflect the shape of the doors beneath. The slender spire adds a touch of class to the building making the corner location an ideal spot to view this lovely church which is a credit to Morley and Son. Can anyone tell me if the church still exists? I hope so..


    • Hi Roy the church was still there last time I was in Stockton. I lived not far from there as a boy and was a member of the scout group who met in the hall at the rear of the church and we held church parades in the building. Like you I had never been abroad, the first time was a trip to Guernsey in 1966 and came back with a sun tan, unheard of under the Teesside smog!


    • Hi Roy
      Yes, Yarm Roadd Methodist is still going strong. Sunday morning services are now held in the church hall, except for the three summer months, about 40 attend and a Sunday school of 10.
      There are week day activities most days catering for senior youth club, 70+ age group to at the other end of the age spectrum Zoom for 5 + which attracts 30+ youngsters for the neighbourhood.
      You mention the spire, we are currently trying to raise money to repair the stone around the clock faces which has erode over the 113 years.
      If you are ever in the area we would be delighted to show you round, having recently completed £200k of refurbishments to the rear premises.
      John Monkhouse
      Church secretary
      posted via Ken Oliver


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