2 thoughts on “Parish Church, Stockton High Street

  1. The Rev Wardle Harper was the senior figure at the Parish Church. Since Stockton Grammar was ostensibly a Church of England School, he had a very strong connection with us. I first came across him at the Richard Hind Speech Day in late 1959, after I had left, but was being given the Physics Prize for best “O” Level paper (in the school). I did find on that occasion that Wardle Harpers speech to be very good and uplifting as someone has described.

    But then when I moved onto the 6th Form at Stockton Grammar, we had him about once a term, whether in the school, or in the Parish Church. I got to see that he just liked droning on.


  2. I used to work for Hugils Forge in Church Road my uncle Billy repaired the bell tower roof on the parish church in the 1960s when we lived in Bickersteth Street in the 1960s.


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