Northfield School, Billingham c1973

Class photograph taken at Northfield School, Billingham. My brother Andrew Evans is on the middle row, first on the right and James Hughes is on the back row, third from the right. Do you recognise any of the others?

Photograph and details courtesy of Carolyn Evans.

2 thoughts on “Northfield School, Billingham c1973

  1. I can name quite a few (quite strange, as I don’t have a good memory in general), maybe the odd misspelling, apologies to those I don’t remember – but just to set the record straight on the original post, James Hughes is second, not third from the right (which is me). Sorry to hear about the accidents.

    Back Row, from left :
    Kevin McAndrew, Gary Spence, David Pringle, ?, Myself, James Hughes, Mark Lawton

    Middle Row
    Trevor Doyle, Mark Graham, Bill/Will?, ?, Karen Guthrie, ?, Ian Smith, Andrew Evans

    Front Row :
    Sharon Thewlis, ?, Janet Carr, Debra Riley, Teacher, Suzanne Cooke, Diane Harrison, Melanie?, Kay Young


  2. This was my tutor group for two years when I started teaching at Northfield in 1973. I remember the faces so well but unfortunately not many of their names. I heard that two of the boys were killed in motor bike accidents after they left school Gary Spence and David Pringle (back row 2rd and 3rd left). I do remember your brother Carolyn and James Hughes also Diane Harrison (front row 3rd from right). I would love to know what they are all doing now.


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