Mayoral boards, Stockton Parish Church, 18 October 2017

There have been a few recent posts on Picture Stockton about the previous Mayors of Stockton and whilst I was in the Parish Church I was surprised to find these ‘honours boards’ just inside the main entrance. They are well worth a look but check the church opening times first as it is not always open and even then only by the side or rear entrance but certainly worth a visit.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

13 thoughts on “Mayoral boards, Stockton Parish Church, 18 October 2017

  1. My local councillor William Woodhead is on this list of former Mayors for 1992 with the letters “pt” after his name, I presume he never served a full years term as mayor, does anyone know why?


  2. Mrs Dora Redican is listed on the third board as Mayor of Stockton for 1995-96. Her husband, Sid Redican, my relative, preceded her as Mayor, though I don’t know in which year. Sid was a welder, I believe at Head Wrightson, prior to becoming a Councillor then Mayor.


  3. The list of mayors is of particular interest to me, especially those depicted in the central photograph, which, unfortunately, is blurred – can’t even read the years of office around the period of interest to me. Too bad!


  4. Does anyone know if there has been a Councillor in Stockton named Paxton? My dad told me several years ago that a street in Stockton was named after his relative. Sadly, I lost my dad a few years ago and I didn’t get chance to ask him for more information. If anyone can enlighten me it would be great! Thank you. Angela.


    • I couldn’t see a Paxton on the Mayoral boards but I did find a Paxton Close on the Victoria Estate but I suspect the area has been cleared now although you can still see it on Google Earth Street View! It could well be that there was once a Paxton Street in the same area of the town so I would suggest a visit to the reference library who may well be able to help you further. Also if you put Paxton into the Picture Stockton search box it returns four results and names Linda, Mary, John and Norman Paxton.


  5. Lovely to see the boards etc as its long been one of my favourite churches, the architecture alone is outstanding . One of my good friends is on the Mayor Boards William Noble who I worked with and his dear wife Cath years ago in Eaglescliffe.


  6. I remember those boards, particularly from when I was on sidesman’s duty back in the early 1970s – there’s a lot of history in that church.


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