George Hall and Bob the Horse, Westbury Street

Two year old George Hall pictured outside his home at 23 Westbury Street, Thornaby with Bob the coal cart horse. The house was also the base for the family’s coal business and stable for Bob c1937.

Photograph and details courtesy of Philip Moore.


11 thoughts on “George Hall and Bob the Horse, Westbury Street

  1. I knew George Hall (‘Georgy Hall’) but forget now the how and why? Will someone enlighten me. I lived in Barnard Street, and Westbury Street was at the rear of it. I also knew Joe Dunn and his horses, but again forget how. Was it Joe Dunn who had the stables behind Blooms Pawnshop, Thornaby, whose entrance way back-alley commenced in Barnard Street?

    I recall “Old Mr Ice Cream Paleschi”, who lived in Westbury Street, Thornaby did for a short while keep a donkey in his backyard. This donkey brayed a lot and it could be heard “braying” often. Perhaps, the surviving Paleschi and Costello family descendants, could enlighten us on this? Which reminds me to ask whatever became of Tony and Madeleine Paleschi? who lived in 9 Barnard Street, Thornaby.


    • Bob: Some Info. for you. Albert Paleschi’s funeral was on 31 January 2018. at St. Patricks Church, on Westbury Street. Albert had a younger sister, Christine who was in my class at school & we are both aged 70 now.


      • I believe Carmen Paleschi, who I think was Albert and Christine’s father, or maybe grandfather, was married to a Stockton lady called Alice Teasdale, a cousin of my mother’s, which I suppose makes me a relative by marriage! Can’t confirm as it was so long ago and the story was handed down. I remember meeting Carmen and his wife a number of times with my mother when I was a kid.


      • I know Albert Paleschi once stood for Election to the Town Council, was he I ask, Tony and Madeliene Paleschi father?, they lived in Barnard Street next to the Haycocks whose father was a bookies clerk who attended all the Northern Race Track meets.


  2. I remember in the 50s at the junction of Westbury Street & Langley avenue, the ‘Coal Man’ named Joe Dunn, who used to stable his horse there…


  3. Charming photo – horse an integral part of our lives in those days – I moved into my first house my belongings pulled by a horse – shared settee with the driver – milk cart early morning wake up call – clatter of horses hooves on the cobbles familiar sound.
    Ken Howell


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