Form 2a Grangefield Grammar School, 1954

Back Row (l-r): Margaret Dalkin, Jean Stainsby, Mary Foster, Carol Bonsall. Virginia Moody, Dorothy Rawling, Ann Durent.

Middle Row (l-r); Pat Brough, Jean Brown, Dorothy Shaw, Pamela Weedall, Gillian Thompson, Eileen Wright, Connie Stewart, Valerie Walls, Margaret Bulman, Kathlenn Thompson, Ann Parker, Sandra Spooner, Margaret Hendry, Norma Tattersdill.

Front Row (l-r): Ruth Granger, Diane Thompson, Anne Watson, Pat Hughes, Janet Charlton, Joy Richardson, Miss Smith, Mrs Tighe, Ruth Billsborough, Ann Huffor, Alice Parry, Judy Betteridge, Margaret Simpson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mr and Mrs Bellerby.

6 thoughts on “Form 2a Grangefield Grammar School, 1954

  1. Hello, is anyone reading this still in contact with Margaret Bulman (married surnames Nagy and Harker)? I recently found out that I have half sister(s), Margaret’s daughter Gina and possibly Karen & Tracy, that I would like to make contact with. Kind regards, Otto Bevis (previously Otto Nagy).


  2. Hi Patricia… you are correct… it was called Grangefield Grammar School. I attended at the same time as Ridley Scott (Sir), in fact in the same class years.


  3. A few years ago I needed to check some information about Ridley Scott and noted that his Wikipedia entry stated that he went to Grangefield School. I changed it to its correct name. Must check to see if anyone has changed it back to being plain wrong! [I could have gone to GGS (in 1958, from Billingham North) but preferred the Henry Smith uniform.]


    • Hi Patricia,…you are correct …it was called Grangefield Grammer School.I attended at the same time as Ridley Scott(Sir),in fact in the same class years.


      • It’s a bit naughty of me but I can’t help wondering if he was teased because of his unusual name. His brothers were Frank and Tony, very normal names in comparison.


        • I’m not aware he was teased!…..I do recall how good he was at Art….his drawings were exceptional, ….very life like……best in class, without doubt!
          However I still wouldn’t have thought that would develop into the profession he is in now…..


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