Norton United Reform Church

This photograph of Norton United Reform Church was taken by one of the 4th Norton Scouts (of which I was a member) who were based in the church hall at the time, I reckon the photograph was taken c1986. The building was demolished in 2007.

Photograph and details courtesy of Neal Aberdeen.

8 thoughts on “Norton United Reform Church

  1. I lived in the Church House next door, number 385 Norton Road, for the first four years of my life. This was the late 1950’s when the church was called Norton Congregational Church and my parents were the caretakers there.
    I have very fond memories of attending Sunday School there for some years. My teacher was Aileen Appleton (later Whittaker). The minister there was Len Whitely. Others I remember were Laurie Appleby, Sid Breeze, Pat Hebron,Margaret Starr, and many more.
    I attended the cubs there when my cousin Norma Prior (nee Trattles) was Akela, before I joined 1st Norton Scouts at the Mill.
    I’ve lived in Dorset for over thirty years and would often visit on return trips, only to see dwindling congregations,and then sadly it’s demolition. Pleased to see the house still standing though!


    • My mum (Carole) is a friend of Norma’s; I suspect that’s why I went to 4th Norton scouts, when I lived in Fairfield! I remember the Hebrons, Nigel was my patrol leader.


  2. Neal; was that the church that was situated in the now green area bounded by Norton Road, Laing Street, Thomas Street and Tennant Street?


    • Yes, 4th Norton only added a Scout troop in the early ’80’s. I joined probably around ’83 straight into the Scouts. It went on to add Venture Scouts later as the lads got older.


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