Stagecoach Stockton Depot Open Day, 8 April 2018

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of Teesside Municipal Transport, and the ‘creation’ of Teesside, Stagecoach North East held an open day at it’s Bridge Road Depot and invited the public along for a free day of family fun to help celebrate the occasion. There were guided tours of the depot, rides through the bus wash – in a bus obviously! and a display of classic and modern buses including a 1961 trolley bus which will be held in store locally before going to a new home at the Beamish Museum.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

9 thoughts on “Stagecoach Stockton Depot Open Day, 8 April 2018

  1. So this is why I saw a couple of old buses the other day. I didn’t see any publicity for it; I mustn’t read the right websites as I often don’t hear about stuff like this until after it has happened


  2. Thank you for the commemorative line-up. I was a regular rider until 1957 of Stockton Corporation Transport Department buses, mostly the #3 and #4, and, of course, to the main gate of my employer, ICI Ltd. – didn’t spot here any buses of that earlier time.


  3. Years ago my brother apprenticed in the bus depot. When he was qualified to fix them, he also then had to qualify to drive them so that he could bring a disabled bus back to the depot. That, apparently, was his dream – driving a bus. When he moved his family to Australia, he didn’t look for a job fixing engines. He just wanted to drive the buses. So he drove the buses in Oz for years around Perth. We should all be so lucky as to get paid for doing something we love so much.


  4. Never saw a blue bus going to the transporter. The blue bus was always the number 11 that went through Haverton and then to Middlesbrough. Good to see them though.


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