6 thoughts on “Patons and Baldwins, Billingham

  1. Comparing new and old pic of the Patons and Baldwins and the current Tesco building none of the original building stands. The Patons and Baldwins factory stood on the Tesco car park.


    • Hi Gavin you are right, very little if any of the original building shown in this photo could have survived. Just like the extension of the building happening in this picture, it also extended in the other direction, so was even bigger! It’s the wall of that extension, along Leeholme Road, that must be part of the current Tesco? That wall shows all the scars of a former life, with several bricked up openings. The Tesco entrance is in the last bay on the left in this photo.


  2. What a fantastic photo and as there is no ‘new’ Billingham railway station, or even halt as it became known as, it was taken before November 1966 when the halt was opened and the ‘old’ station closed. Note too the petrol filling station on Marsh House Avenue and that the town heating boiler plant had also yet to be built as was an extension to Leeholme Road.


  3. I can Remember my sister Brenda working there in 1961 62 when we lived in Bickersteth street Stockton I was 10 years old then where have the years gone I wish we could turn the clock back we had values and discipline and respect and pride then


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