2 thoughts on “Sheraton Hotel, Yarm Road

  1. I stayed at 37 Yarm Road on the corner of Yarm Road and Park Road for one year from August 1964 to July 1965.

    At that time, the building there was used as company hostel of The Power-gas Corporation Limited for its overseas employees. From 1964 to 1966, I worked as an engineer-trainee sponsored by the Education Department of Hong Kong after my graduation from the Hong Kong Technical College. In the first day when I reported duty to the Power-gas company, I met with Mr. F.A. King, company Personnel Manager. He was a very nice fellow and told me that he had been to Hong Kong when he was serving in the Royal Navy. He arranged the schedule of my training in the company which includes first 6 months in design office, second 6 months in fabrication workshop and final year in a gas plant construction site near Greenwich, south east of London, assisting the resident site engineer to carry out the installation, testing and commissioning of all the electrical and mechanical equipment of the gas plant.

    During the 2-years training period with Power-Gas, I also completed all the academic requirements for admission to the corporate membership of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers by attending advanced engineering course at the Constantine College of Technology in Middlesbrough.

    After training in Power- Gas, I returned to Hong Kong in 1967. I started my working career first with Taikoo Shipyard as work study engineer for three years, then ten years with Binnies & Partners who were engineering consultants to the Waterworks Department in connection with the design and construction of Lok On Pai desalination plant in Hong Kong. Subsequently I worked with power companies in connection with building of new power generation plants in Hong Kong. Before my retirement in 1997, I was a senior engineer with the Electrical & Mechanical Department of Hong Kong government.

    I enjoyed and benefited very much from the training period I spent with Power-gas. I am now at the age of 79 and still remember everything there.

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  2. This group of buildings were part of Clyde Terrace. An 1895 map shows a number of other named terraces making up Yarm Road (West End, Van Mildert, Lorne, Rosslyn, Southfield). I guess the terraces were built at different times, by different developers who named them individually. Wonder why the naming of terraces ended?


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