6th Form, Grangefield Grammar School c1968

This photograph was given to me by my cousin Pauline Shaw nee Hough and shows the sixth form at Grangefield Grammar School, possibly taken in 1968. Pauline is sat on the extreme left of the front row. Can you name the staff or any of the pupils?

Image and details courtesy of Martin Birtle and Pauline Shaw.

16 thoughts on “6th Form, Grangefield Grammar School c1968

  1. I knew Pauline Hough at Grangefield in our first year there. We were good friends. I then moved to Bristol with my parents and lost touch .
    It was a great Grammar School. Be great if you could pass on my email to her.


  2. Can’t remember how many lower 6th classes there were but I was in VI (1)H. The H was for Mr Hodgson (English) and our form room was 13, next to the front entrance hall.


  3. Three faces I vaguely remember from the A forms Margaret Malcolm, Glynis Jones and Kathleen Whyman. These pupils, like myself, will all be in their 70th year now!


  4. The French teacher’s name is O’Brien. He taught at Saint Mary’s College in Middlesbrough before moving to Grangefield Grammar.


  5. Far left Mr Nuttall, then Mrs Wood (German), next to her a French teacher whose name I forget, then Miss Styan (History). Next to her Mr and Mrs Atkinson (Biology). Then Mr Brooks (Economics).
    Front row 3rd from right – Carole Young. 2nd row 1st right – Nicole Tibbles.


  6. The name Pauline Hough reminds me of a 6th form conference held in the boys’ school in 1966 and chaired by Mr (Rupert) Bradshaw. Having given his usual speech and welcomed the prospective 6th formers with promises of ‘tea and current buns’ he was allocating groups of us by name to our respective classrooms to hear about the benefits of a 6th form education. On reading out a list of initials and surname he finished with the last name and stated ‘……. Pee Hough to room….”. I don’t think he realised his faux pas as, mainly the boys in the audience tittered quite audibly.


  7. Front row, 3rd left – Kathleen Basham
    2nd row, 5th right – Susan Morrison
    3rd row, 1st left – Jacqueline Parkin
    3rd row, 4th left – Anne Gurnsey
    Back row, 1st left – Robina Heimer
    It would have been 1965/66 cos they’re same age as my sister


  8. One’s I know:
    Front row; Kathleen Basham 3rd left.
    2nd row; Susan Morrison 5th right.
    3rd row; Jacqueline Parkin 1st left.
    3rd row; Anne Gurnsey 4th left.
    Back row; Robina Heimer 1st left.
    It would have been 1965/66 as they are the same age as my sister.


    • Mr Nuttall was also teaching at the school when I attended in the 1950s. I saw one comment posted mentioned Mrs Atkinson, Biology. She must have married as in my years there she was Miss Ruth Johnson, there was another teacher , Miss Johnson, Sheila, I think, she taught English, alongside Mr John Hodgson.


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