10 thoughts on “Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1965/6

  1. That might be Colin Murphy, (my cousin) on the front row, 3rd from left.
    Gary Sanderson (GGS 71-73, before it all changed)..


  2. Was the teacher Mr Bills? He was only there a few years and ran the Cycling Proficiency class. Think he taught history? In year 10 we were allowed to wear sports jackets as long as we had a school tie. I think class numbering in year 8 & 9 was either R/A/Alpha if only one Latin class (R) or LA/LB/G (if 2 Latin classes) LA & LB. Year 10 onwards normally only 1 Latin class (R)


  3. With the mix of jackets/blazers, could it be the 6th form. I seem to remember the dress code in the 6th was not as stringent as lower down the school. I don’t recognise the member of staff either.


  4. No such form as 2G.
    This was either 4 Alpha or 5 Alpha depending on whether it was 1965 or 1966.
    I am extreme right front row


  5. Hi – great pic, standard GGS location on the grass near the dining hall but not sure if this can be a 2nd form class. Mix of age groups here and some in school blazer, others not. A strange one, maybe a drama or chess club group?
    … and I don’t even recognise the teacher.

    Graeme White (as I was then known, GGS 1965-72)


    • It’s a class photo of 4 (or 5) Alpha. It’s basically the same class as the 2G on this site but a couple of years on. As far as the uniform’s concerned, in the first year you had to wear a minimum of 3 items, but in the 5th form, only one item was requires which was normally the tie. However, some pupils decided to wear the cap which wasn’t needed on school premises.


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