Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1965/6

This is a photograph of the same class ‘Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1962/3‘ but a couple of years on! I don’t know whether it’s 1965 or 1966, though. Perhaps visitors to your site could enlighten us.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Dickson.

10 thoughts on “Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1965/6

  1. That might be Colin Murphy, (my cousin) on the front row, 3rd from left.
    Gary Sanderson (GGS 71-73, before it all changed)..


  2. Was the teacher Mr Bills? He was only there a few years and ran the Cycling Proficiency class. Think he taught history? In year 10 we were allowed to wear sports jackets as long as we had a school tie. I think class numbering in year 8 & 9 was either R/A/Alpha if only one Latin class (R) or LA/LB/G (if 2 Latin classes) LA & LB. Year 10 onwards normally only 1 Latin class (R)


  3. With the mix of jackets/blazers, could it be the 6th form. I seem to remember the dress code in the 6th was not as stringent as lower down the school. I don’t recognise the member of staff either.


  4. No such form as 2G.
    This was either 4 Alpha or 5 Alpha depending on whether it was 1965 or 1966.
    I am extreme right front row


  5. Hi – great pic, standard GGS location on the grass near the dining hall but not sure if this can be a 2nd form class. Mix of age groups here and some in school blazer, others not. A strange one, maybe a drama or chess club group?
    … and I don’t even recognise the teacher.

    Graeme White (as I was then known, GGS 1965-72)


    • It’s a class photo of 4 (or 5) Alpha. It’s basically the same class as the 2G on this site but a couple of years on. As far as the uniform’s concerned, in the first year you had to wear a minimum of 3 items, but in the 5th form, only one item was requires which was normally the tie. However, some pupils decided to wear the cap which wasn’t needed on school premises.


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