Stockton Grammar School Upper Sixth c1970

Top Row (l-r): D. Mould, A. Jenkinson, M. Pimlott.

Middle Row (l-r): R. Thomas, D.Wright, M. Craig, M. Lunnon, P.Morris, J. Alderdice, B. Hamilton.

Bottom Row (l-r): R. Emmerson, R. Wade, K. Campbell, J.Parker,  Mrs Mould (School Sec), S. Grigson, C. Reid, C.Cooley. M.Williams. Also featuring the school’s stuffed pangolin, held by John ‘Bamf’ Parker.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Alderdice.

7 thoughts on “Stockton Grammar School Upper Sixth c1970

  1. A few of these lads were in my class of 62-63 at Holy Trinity before going to SGS – in fact I was in the minority in going to Grangefield. I remember David Mould, Michael Pimlott, Richard Thomas, Martin Lunnon, Chris Cooley and Philip Morris. Fairly sure about first names but of course at school we were all called by our surname!


      • Blimey. I remember that’s what he went into when he left SGS. It’s funny how people all go off in different directions with little contact over so many years.


  2. I recognise a number of these guys as former classmates from my time at SGS 1963-68 – it would be interesting to know how they all progressed in life


    • Hi Dave. I went to Leeds University, eventually getting a B.Sc. in Chemistry. Had a few jobs before doing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Spent my last 10 working years as a Primary teacher, my wife was too. We both retired early at end of 2011. Spend our summers going to small music festivals. We put gig reviews on I remember you as having blond hair! Not much idea about anyone else
      John Aldie Alderdice


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