Stockton and Darlington Railway 150th Anniversary

A railway carriage outside the John Walker Square.

This railway carriage was sited outside the John Walker Square to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. It is an incredible 45 years since this event and the 200th anniversary of the railway opening is now only five years away.

Photo and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman

12 thoughts on “Stockton and Darlington Railway 150th Anniversary

  1. Why is the Stockton to Darlington Passenger Railway not recognised by all as the first Passenger Railway in the World . They always seem to mention the Liverpool to Manchester Railway but never the Stockton to Darlington Railway as the first in the World for a Passenger Railway. Is it the old problem ignore the North East and they will go away. I am still at a loss to understand that there is no recognition in Stockton High Street for the this Railway


  2. I used to walk past the historic site just about every day, what a disgrace it was, when the old goods station closed you had the land made free for a railway museum, and I mean like the one at York, I can remember when the Flying Scotsman was offered for sale for £10 000 with no takers, that should have been bought and placed opposite or near the War Memorial or Town Hall, Can someone answer me this question, in the 1940s with my Scots mother we used to travel frequently to Edinburgh via Darlington, how come we never travelled on this train? I can remember the Silver Arrow and the Golden Arrow, but never the Scotsman. My favourite section of track was leaving Berwick and the view from there. During the war four German spies were landed at Berwick by a submarine, this was 5.00 am on a Sunday morning, they rowed ashore, got dressed as businessmen with hats, suits and briefcases, and walked to the Station, the Station Master took one look at them and tippled what was up, they bought 4 tickets to London, he served them then after they left phoned the Police, at York and Doncaster they were unknown to them being accompanied by other officers and at the barrier at Kings Cross all four were arrested, one agreed to co-operate so lived, the other three sad to say were hanged. The mistake made was a Berwick type station master knew everyone for miles around, then you had the accent problem, and Sunday was not exactly the best day to pick.


    • The Flying Scotsman train could be hauled by any locomotive,with the power and speed required to keep tight timing.The Flying Scotsman was just one of over seventy identical engiines,although orriginally with some differences. Gresley A3’s A4’s and both Peppercorn and Thompson Pacifics would be used as and when required. I don’t think the Flying Scotsman stopped at Darlington,but I may be wrong.


        • Hello Vicky. You probably saw the locomotive Flying Scotsman,rather than the train,which was confined to the East coast main line. The locomotive was a regular in the early 1960’s,on less demanding turns,allowing more of the Deltic diesels to haul main line trains. Seen it At Billingham station a few times,on stopping expresses to Newcastle early 1960’s. Hope you’re all keeping well,with this virus around.


          • I am not very sure about different types or sorts of trains The train certainly had smoke coming out of it. We were living in Eaglescliffe in the mid 1950
            We are all ok, glad to hear from you Are you and yours ok?


            • Yes fine.We were going to see Sarah in Australia this year.She gave birth to Hugo in April,but the virus prevented us from flying.Donna has just given birth to Jacob 5th November,our 6th Grandchild.


              • Well done you and congratulation to the girls. We only have 4 grandchildren 1 grandson and 3 granddaughters. You will be desperate to go to Australia, hopefully the Vaccine is available soon fo r us “oldies”
                Keep well Take Care love Vicky and Bryan

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  3. As a pupil from Richard Hind Primary School we all had a trip to go inside this carriage – we were only allowed in it briefly as it was carpeted out and very posh inside from memory! Lovely to see the photograph !


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