Stockton Pottery Stamp

A few years ago I found a pottery stamp and on it is the name ‘STOCKTON’. Until recently the stamp was on display at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Hanley, Staffordshire.

Photographs courtesy of Colin Pearson.

13 thoughts on “Stockton Pottery Stamp

  1. FYI there are three or four Stocktons in the midlands areas related to pottery and brick making. This item was found in the area of Marston in Staffs Theres a Stockton down there near Ironbridge . So the stamp may belong to a southern Stockton.


  2. Quite likely the stamp is from brick making plants in Stockton Southam, near Coventry or Stockton nr Warminster both notable for Brick making history.


  3. It is only natural to see that stamp and assume that it must have been used in one of the local potteries. If that supposition is correct, then the impression should be seen on the back of locally produced pieces in the collection of the Preston Park Museum. I would be interested to hear if any collectors of pieces from local potteries have ever seen that impressed mark.
    There is another possible explanation for the STOCKTON stamp. It was not unusual for pottery manufacturers to give a name for a new design of pottery style that they had created. If they chose to give a new design the name “Stockton”, then pieces produced in that style may have been impressed with the stamp, before the soft clay was fired.
    It would be interesting to learn whereabouts the STOCKTON stamp was found, on Teesside or in Staffordshire?


  4. Very interesting for that to pop up now as I am researching my family tree. My great grandad was born at Hanley Staffordshire and worked in the potteries there. He came up to Stockton (Tilery area) to work in the pottery and was a manager there.


    • I grew up in Brentford Road, Norton in the 1960’s and the “pottery” was a section of grassland between our road and Norton Road. On the opposite side of Norton Road was the Brown Jug public house, presumably a link to pottery manufacturing?

      Even though by the time I was growing up the pottery was just a field, however we found lots of remnants of earthenware, and pot fragments, I believe this are is now a Care/Nursing home.


    • I have had contact, not recently, with descendants living in Australia of the Smith family of potters in the Stockton-on-Tees area. I was also acquainted with a Smith descendant living in Stockton who is now deceased. He endeavoured to collect examples of this pottery but found it difficult to find examples. Although not particularly expensive the pottery is rare. I think that Preston Park Museum at Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees have examples which may even be on current display. I would advise interested parties to contact the museum service for any information. Two or three booklets have been published about these potteries so they are worth looking out for. In a matter such as this it is easier to correspond by email and I will gladly help anybody if the people running this site will pass my email address on to interested persons. To maybe fill in some of the blanks. Also there was some dispute with Mr Smith over the used of the name Wedgwood. I believe Mr Smith lost the case.


      • Hi Dee Dale,
        Read your artical regarding the pottery at Norton. My great, great, grandad came up fron Hadley to be a manager at the pottery. His name was Robert Harrison and is burried at St Marys Church on Norton green. Most of his family also worked there and are burried in the same plot. You mentioned 3 books that relate to the potteries. Could you please let me know there titles, I would be interested in reading them.


    • I do not know if you live in the Stockton-on-Tees area or are acquainted with the area. In the Tilery area there is or was a pub called The Brown Jug situated on Norton Road which is where a pottery was hence the name. Ditto the name Tilery.


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