Model Stockton Station, ‘Commercial Vehicles’

The vehicles are typical of the era from late 40s to 1970’s with some having Stockton titling on the vehicles or ‘Teesside Carriers’. The vehicles are in 1/76 scale so I have added a 50 cent (pence) piece next to one to show actual size across the whole model. The red British Road Services vehicle is similar to those used by Fordy’s Builders after the Second World War – bought from armed forces I assume as there was a shortage of vehicles. I worked on Fordy’s sites and visited the yard in Boathouse Lane and remember the batteries were flat on a regular basis on these vehicles. All pre-1964 given the number plates, happy to be corrected.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alan Davis.

2 thoughts on “Model Stockton Station, ‘Commercial Vehicles’

  1. I can remember old Joe King driving some of these when he was a driver for Fordy builders. Joe was involved in a bad road accident around 1976 and never did much heavy driving after that. Joe’s son Son Brian King was Fordy’s site manager.


    • I knew them both well especially Brian worked on Fordy Sites from 1966 to 1973. Remember the old wagons think they were ex-Army WWII.


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