Richard Hind School Photograph

This is a school photo of class at Richard Hind School in Stockton taken during the late 1940s. I believe the teacher on front row is Sandy Dobing. Does anyone recognise themselves or each other?

Photograph and details courtesy of Simon Parkin.

6 thoughts on “Richard Hind School Photograph

  1. I have some names my father wrote on the back of this photo
    Back row: Chummy Sellors, Dean, Jones, Des Heckle, Bill Simmons, ?, Colin Richmond, Fothergill, ?.
    Middle Row: Barry Simmons, Cecil Murphy, ?, ?, ?, Arthur?, Stan Goldsborough, ?, Spike Raine.
    Front row: Neville Towns, Alf Eastwood, ?, Fatty Booton, Sandy Dobing, Stan Denham, Tony Locke, Geoff Parkin, Chappie Fellows.


    • I started in 1949 and this class I think was the 5th form then. The photo would be taken the year before in 1948 as the form teacher retired that year but came back part time as a physics teacher.


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