Stockton Corporation Transport Staff, June 1934

A photograph of Stockton Corporation Transport Department taken in 1934. My grandfather, Frank Bailey is 9th from the left on the second row. A family friend, William (Bill) Trattles is 5th from the left on the front row.

Details courtesy of Jan Hemblade. Photograph courtesy of Norman Trattles, son of Bill Trattles.

16 thoughts on “Stockton Corporation Transport Staff, June 1934

  1. I knew Norman well, and his wife Marjorie. I grew up with his sons Geoff and Michael. They lived in Palm Grove (Fairfield). Lovely family.


    • Great photo. I had a girl in my class at Norton school in the 1950’s called ‘Carol Trattles’. It’s an unusual name… any relation?. My maiden name was Miller.


    • I’m really sorry, but the only people I know are my grandad and Bill. The photograph had no information on it, so the only way you could find out is if you can identify him yourself.


      • Thank you, I have tried without success as I only knew him in his Up’s and on the photo he woul only be early 40’s.Unfortunately none of that generation are still alive, so am sorting through old photos to see if zig can find any of him as a young man. Linda


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