Grangefield Girls Day Outing, 1962

A Grangefield Girls’ Grammar school day coach outing? It seems to be the whole of the third year, probably 1962, but where were we going? Any ideas welcome.
The second photograph was taken on another occasion as the clothes are different but I have no further details. How the coaches have changed!

Photographs and details courtesy of Pat Rendall.

10 thoughts on “Grangefield Girls Day Outing, 1962

  1. I believe my Auntie Ann neé Sheraton may be on the right of the three closest to the camera on the 2nd picture. She would have been 18 then and so that would mean this was an outing for the Upper VI. Using an app which converts black and white photos to colour confirms her ginger hair.


    • My sister Pat Armstrong, is the girl almost laying down on the second picture. She was 15 in 1962. We left for Australia in 1963.


      • Thank you, John. I haven’t a date for this small photo. I left school at the end of the lower sixth year so this was maybe 1961. I remember Pat leaving for a new life.


  2. On the Top Photo my Cousin Judith Egan is on the Middle Row 3rd in from the left.She tells me she is between Elaine Brown and Sandra Bartram who is holding the big bag.Next to Sandra is Caroline Dawson.


  3. Really looks like Seahouses as the coach park is still the same so could it be a trip to the Farne Islands? I think it’s Liz Congdon on the right of the front row and Jan Roberts with the Brownie camera around her neck.
    Second picture has Maggie Davies sat in the doorway and again Liz Congdon and Jan Roberts possibly sat behind Kathy Watson in the front centre.


  4. On the second photo I can see Val Fick,Miranda?, Elizabeth?, Janet Roberts, Pat Armstrong, Maureen Glencross and Glenys Neal? Don’t think I went on this trip. Looks a bit like Helmsley.


    • Yes. Irene. You are correct. It’s Miranda (Mandy) Peters and Elizabeth (Liz) Congdon..I think it was a Farne Islands trip a long time ago!


  5. First picture looks like the coach park at Seahouses (it’s still the same) and is that Liz Congdon on right of front row and Jan Roberts in the middle of the front row with the Brownie Box camera around her neck?
    Second picture, more modern coaches and apparel, I think shows Maggie Davies sat in coach doorway-not colour so can’t see her red hair and it’s Liz Congdon and Jan Roberts again in front row possibly sat behind Kathy Watson at the front?


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