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Is there anything you would like to know about the Borough of Stockton, its history, its industries, its buildings or its people? Just add a comment with your query to this page and we will endeavour to answer it. If we don’t know the answer it may well be that some of our site visitors do…

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    • Janice Adams – I don’t know whether you mean the old baths (which didn’t have a separate diving pool) or the ‘Splash’ baths, opposite the library. The old pool was 3ft at the shallow end, and 6ft at the deep end! A younger person may know.


  1. I thought it was just me not finding photos , I’m not very good on the internet. I was also looking for a photo of Norton school, taken about early 1960’s, I added some names of people I remembered & couldn’t find it again. Do they remove them. Pat


  2. Hello I’ve been trying to located Derek Wade 2 school pictures he put up
    Even he can not located them
    He said I could ask for his email so he can send them I’ve cut and pasted the conversation
    He said to ask Laura

    It’s 2 pictures of st James school

    Hey Derek for some reason I’m still unable to find them ; sorry to be a pain

    Hi Jacqueline,
    I agree. I have checked and I can not find my 2 photos re St James in the schools section (or anywhere else) dated around 1910. All I can think for you to do is for you to contact Laura at Stockton Pictures and explain the problem. The pics may still be in a file awaiting checking? Anyway, I am happy for her to give you my e mail address. This avoids both our address’ being posted. If you contact me I can then send you an e mail with them attached,

    Derek Wade


    • Hello

      I have a film of Billingham in 1963, it is a large download but if you wish I can take snaphots of parts of the film and load them into my Onedrive and you can download them from there, I can load the whole film if you wish but it will take a long time to download.

      Another option is for me to extract the Billingham Show section into a shorter film and upload that.

      There are lots of images of Billingham Show in the film including the famous flower tent as well as childrens fancy dress and suchlike.

      I can be contacted here.


  3. Hello, I am currently undertaking my dissertation research as a Geography student at UCL and have decided to explore the redevelopment of Stockton’s High Street and specifically the levels of involvement/engagement amongst the older population with regards to the planned changes and how these will impact them. Therefore I would love to hear people’s opinions of the proposed changes and how this contrasts to the high street in the past. As well as this if people could point me towards any photographs showing the High Street pre-Castlegate that would be much appreciated!

    If you would be willing to be interviewed for 20-30 minutes either in person or via video call to be included in my research project please email the Picture Stockton Team: and they will forward on my email address.


  4. I would like to know if anyone has pictures of my grandads shops which were demolished on Portrack his name was Johnny Jones he also had one on Hume Street the one on Portrack was a bicycle shop thanks


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