7 thoughts on “The Baltic Tavern, Quayside, Stockton. c1928

  1. Jane Morrow, my Great great great Grandparents were also Stephen and Jane Reevell! Thanks for giving a little extra info to add to my family tree.


  2. My Great great great Grandparents Stephen Reevell and Jane Reevell (nee Storey) ran the Baltic Tavern according to the 1861 census.


  3. Barry – If you can get hold of a copy of the Old Ordnance Survey Map by The Godfrey Edition. The map is Stockton on Tees & Thornaby 1867 and on it is a good detailed map of the area where the Baltic Tavern would of stood. On there is marked P.H. in between the Granary and Hubback”s Quay. It is hard to say now where it would of stood exactly. Like I said in my other comment, I would say along Bishop Street where the Police vehicle entrance is now.


  4. I imagine, looking at the 1899 OS map, and taking an elastic imagination at it. I guess at the rear of the Police Station, (Vehicle compound) Housewife”s Lane ran from The Square around the Police Station entrance to the Riverside. Most of this area was cleared in the 1920″s


  5. Barry – go to the site”s search facility and put in the word Brig. That should bring up picture t1990 which shows an old sailing ship at the quay, with the Baltic Tavern in the background. It is said to have stood on the edge of The Square. I would estimate that its position was between where Stockton Police station is and the river.


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