7 thoughts on “Holy Trinity Chuuch.

  1. Colleen – Re. travelling to Stockton from Durham city by public transport – there is a very good bus service – leaves ( I think) hourly from Durham Bus Station which is situated on North Road. I might be wrong but I think the bus you would want is the X1. You can always check at the Bus Station.There is no direct train route.I hope this helps.


  2. my great grandparents Elizabeth and David Barker were married at Holy Trinity Church in 1881. They lived in Adam Street and my grandfather David Barker was born there. I am visiting Durham later in the year and would like any information re: location of Adam Street and the easiest way to travel to Stockton on Tees on public transport from the city of Durham.


  3. I believe my great grandma used to attend this school in the late 1800s. pos 1880″s. She was called Sarah Thompson and was born 1874ish. I know very little about her except that her familly were wealthly. They owned a business, possiably in either basket making or shoes. She was meant to marry into another familly but rather than do that she ran off with a sailor (Thomas watts) and got disinherited. She had a sister called Elizabeth I think. if any one has any info it would be greatly welcomed Sarah Ingledew


  4. Hi all. I used to go to Trinity boys school in the early 60″s. I am so sorry to see that the church is burnt out. I recall being one of the 3 wise men at a christmas play. I have heard that the school is gone?. There used to be another part of the school at the far end of the church yard used for art/carpentry class. I now live in south africa and close to 59 years old. Does any one remember the conker tree just over the wall of the school.. Happy days..


  5. My Gran used to live at 10 Park Terrace, also I was born there too. So the Holy Trinity Church Yard was naturally to us kids a play-ground and what fun we had. Sadly now, it seems unsafe to do so.


  6. I remember playing in the grounds of Holy Trinity church yard as a child. There was never any vandalism just good fun playing “Hide and Seek”.


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