7 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Newtown Junior School

  1. BACK ROW : Gary Todd, Tony Curtis, Brian Coyne, Kevin O’Brien, Tony Laverick, Denis Smith, Michael Rudd, Michael Thompson , Robert Ross, Roy Brydon, Edwin Stokes, Paul Machin.

    FRONT ROW : Dawn Arbuckle, Leslie Pearson, Catherine Nixon, Judith Cockroft, Denise Brown, Olive Duggleby, Mrs Hutchinson, Kathleen Stephenson, Beverley Pugh, Elaine Brown, Theresa Speight, Mandy Wilkinson, Kim (can’t remember surname was a long time ago !!)

    Think that’s about right, spelling of surnames might not be correct, but like I said it was a long time ago !!


  2. It is also possible the picture maybe from earlier as I seem to remember Brian Coyne being moved up to Mr Harkers class for the last year.


  3. Back Row from left: 1 ? Todd, 2 Tony Curtis, 3 Brian Coyne, 4 Kevin O’ Brian, 5 Tony Laverick, 6 Dennis Smith, 7 ? Rudd, 8 Michael Thompson, 9 Robert Ross, 10 Roy Brydon, 11 Edwin Stokes,
    13 Paul Machin.
    Front Row from Left: 1 Dawn Arbuckle, 5 Denise or Elaine Brown, 7 Mrs Hutchinson, 10 Denise or Elaine Brown


  4. Back Row: ?,?, Brian Coyne?, ?, ?, Robert Ross, Derek Rudd, Michael Thompson, ?, ?, ?, ?
    Front Row: Dawn Arbuckle, Lesley Pearson, Denise Nixon?, Judith Cockcroft, Denise Brown, Olive Duggleby, Mrs Hutchinson, Kathleen?, Elaine Brown, ?, ?, ?


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