License to Fish for Trout c1913

An old fishing licence License made out to a Mr. J. H. Bowron of Yarm Lane, Stockton and dated 28th June 1913. The licence is signed by the Distributor Wanless Bros. (J. S. Wanless).The licence includes an interesting list of Authorised Distributors of Trout Licenses. This list includes P.C. Storrow, Police Office, at Piercebridge, Mr. J. Garget in Darlington and Wanless Bros., Bridge Road in Stockton-on-Tees.

Image and details courtesy of David Dobbyn


1 thought on “License to Fish for Trout c1913

  1. The Bowron of Yarm Lane refers to a member of the Bowron family whose business was monumental sculpturing in my days, also they were members of St. Peter’s Church.
    I must confess that as an occasional and amateur fisher of the streams and becks around the Cleveland countryside I never purchased a trout license – this through ignorance of the need! That fact may be contributory to my lack of success in taking home a fish, however, despite my ownership of a Greenheart rod, supposedly the Rolls Royce of rods?.


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