10 thoughts on “Sketch of St. Mary’s Church, Norton

  1. My maternal Grandparents lived in one of the Waterloo Cottages at 115 High Street, Norton. They gave me a really lovely Watercolor of Norton Church. It has R Aws 44 written at the bottom right. Would anyone be able to shed any light on who this would be?


  2. This lovely sketch took me back many years. Arthur Calvert Finch, a local artist from Stockton, painted this church in the late 1950s perhaps the early 1960s and I would love to have it hanging on my wall. Sadly Arthur passed away in 1972 and I still think of him frequently. He was a quintessential middle class English gentleman that I admired for many reasons not least of which was his unbelievable generosity and politeness. This is a lovely church adds a great deal to Norton. Were I return to Teesside, I would prioritise Norton, an attractive spot with many memories.


  3. Beautiful sketch of the church where Mary and I were married 48 years ago and both of our children were christened. Would love to get a copy to frame.


    • Ed I have the original of this print, it is in colour and I would send you a copy of the original if you can let me know your address or e-mail, through the site, they may help you to contact me. I have many of Tony’s original paintings adorning my walls in Australia, as Tony was a good friend from School days at Newham Grange School. Alas Tony died recently just short of his 86th birthday. Tony had been unwell for a number of years and passed away in May this year. Tony was not only a great artist but was a Master Chef by profession and worked for Royalty and many famous people in Films and TV as their Personal Chef, and only took up his full time artist work on retirement. At school he was always a good artist and played in goal for the school football team. If you look closely at Tony’s paintings you will see old fashioned road sweeper some where in the picture, this was Tony’s tribute to one of his best mates who was also a local artist, who’s name eludes me, as he painted a portrait of my partner Maureen and I on a visit Stockton. RIP Tony Hutchinson a great artist and good friend.


      • Sorry Sarah You too if you can contact me. Try the Stockton Team (pictures@stockton.gov.uk) they are very good people and I am sure they will help you.


      • I have just found the name of Tony’s friend another local artist, I phoned Tony’s wife Char up and she remembered his name, Jack Esther, I wonder if Jack is still living on Teesside? Tony painted many paintings of local beauty spots as well as his local Stockton paintings.


    • Ed ask Pictures Stockton for a copy, I gave them a copy of the original which I have in Australia. Tony was a great friend of mine from Schooldays together at Newham Grange School. As I have mentioned recently Tony died recently after a long illness.


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