Roll of Honour 1914 – 1918, Thornaby Methodist Church

Thornaby Methodist Church on Mandale Road was the second largest chapel in the Stockton Methodist Church Circuit, seating 800 people. Thirty-one men associated with this chapel were killed during the 1914- 1918 war. Lance-Corporal Lumsden died on the final day of the war. Further details of some of these men may be found on the 1245 Sunflowers website.
Pte. N. Anderson 3/1 Essex Yeomanry
Sgt. R Blake [1/5th Bn.] Durham Light Infantry
Carpenter’s Crew T.T. Bainbridge Royal Navy
Pte. J.T. Bradley 1/5th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
Sgt. W. Bradley 5th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
[Sgt.] A. Brogden [12th Bn, Yorkshire Regt.]
Pte. N. Brown 10th Hussars
Pte. R. Brown Machine Gun Corps
Pte. Roy Brown 22nd Drms
Pte. T.R. Donnison 2nd Bn Yorkshire Regt.
Pte. R. Franks Machine Gun Corps
Company Sgt. Major J. Harrison 2nd Bn. Yorkshire Regt.
[Pte.] W. Heal [18th Bn King’s (Liverpool Regt.]
Pte. M. Huitson [2nd Bn.] Durham Light Infantry
2nd Lieut. W. Hunter Royal Naval Division
Sgt. L Jones. Northumberland Fusiliers
Gunner A. Leeson Royal Field Artillery
L/Cpl. W.T. Lumsden [1/5th Bn.] Durham Light Infantry
Pte. G. Marshall 5th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
Pte. H. Mustard [1/5th Bn.] Durham Light Infantry
Sgt. W. McCulloch [16th Bn.] King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Pte. N. Raper [7th Bn.} Yorkshire Regt.
[Sgt.] H.H. Reed [Machine Gun Corps]
Pte. J.R. Sharp [8th Bn.] Yorkshire Regt.
[L/Sgt.] Reg Simpson [13th Bn.] Rifle Brigade
[Pte.] Ray Simpson [6th Bn] Yorkshire Regt.
Cpl. W. Tanfield 10th Bn. Yorkshire Regt.
Pte. R. Thompson Grenadier Guards
[Pte.] J.G. Wales [9th Bn.] Yorkshire Regt.
Pte. C. Wood 8th Bn. Leicestershire Regt
S. Wood Royal Engineers

Information source derived from information provided by Philip Thornborow, the Methodist Church website. Courtesy of Bob Wilson.

Trinity Green, Stockton

One Saturday morning in the early summer of 1965, I practised Qigong ( 氣功 ) at Trinity Green near Bowesfield Lane, Stockton-on-Tees. Qigong is a branch of Chinese Gong Fu (Kung Fu). It uses breathing adjustment, physical activity adjustment and consciousness adjustment as exercise methods to achieve physical fitness, physical and mental health, disease resistance and longevity. The unique movement of my exercise curiously attracted several kids playing on the Green. They might have not seen exercise like this before, as Bruce Lee’s Gong Fu heat in the 70s had yet to be created. After I finished my exercise, I invited the kids to take a group photo as a memento of our acquaintance. I think these kids would be nearly 70 years old now and I wonder whether they still remember the foreign Gong Fu man!

Photograph and details courtesy of Kwok Wong.

95 Wellington Street

A view of No. 95 Wellington Street (corner of Wellington Street and Dixon Street) which looks like it was an off-licence. I couldn’t see it in any directories, but a 1914 directory showed: (Mrs.) Sarah Strathern, beer retailer, 93 Wellington Street (which is pretty close?)

Behind it are the buildings of the large Laundry and Dye works on Dixon Street. This area can be seen on the Britain from Above website. (If you zoom in you can even see a similar Vaux advert painted on the wall)

Photograph and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

Aerial View over Thornaby Town Centre

I remember it being like this in the mid 1970s when I played squash at the Pavilion and I remember the Mitchell Avenue shops coming down, but don’t have a date. Anyone want to make a guess?

Woolco, The Pavilion and the Golden Eagle can be seen as well as the soon to be demolished flats, the overhead walkway also appears as does the parade of shops and maisonettes fronting onto Mitchell Avenue, since demolished.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

British Titan Products Tioxide, Long Service Awards, 1966 and 1976

On Roger Lee Hymer’s discharge from The Green Howards on the 17th March 1946, he entered employment with British Titan Products Tioxide. Manual duties were conducted with working in the plant on Haverton Hill Road for the majority of his time, until the latter years at central laboratories on Portrack Lane, as retirement approached. The majority of his life he cycled to work every day from Thornaby to Haverton Hill.

Images and details courtesy of Michael Hymer.

‘Billy’ Boys Brigade Summer Camp

My late uncle by marriage, Charles McCorkell, always known as Chuck, was a member of the 1st Billingham Boys Brigade from about the age of eight. I have been sent photos of his time in the Boys Brigade by my aunt, Freda nee Leek. The small group photo was taken at Wynyard in 1949, the lad elevated at the back is Brian Kemp, the five lads in the middle are Eddie Wood, Chuck McCorkell, Gordon Brown, Des Good and Peter Yardley, the lad at the front is Frank Barnes.

The large group is a bit more difficult to place names, the information on the back of the photo is as follows. Back Row (L to R): ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Charlie Paterson, ??, ??. Standing (L to R): ??, ??, ??, Alec Brown, Des Good, Chuck McCorkell, ??, ??, George Whitehouse, Roy Jenkins, Frank Barnes. Sitting (L to R): ??, Eddie Wood, ??, George ?, Maurice Taylor, Barry Stonehouse, Patrick Walsh, Ken Stewart, ??, Stan Calvert. Front Row (L to R): ??, ??, ??, Fred Palmer, Jackie Melville, Ken ?, Harry Whitehouse, Philip Kelsey, ??. As you can see the two back rows are a bit jumbled but the other two are straight forward.

The Brigade met in the Methodist Central Hall on Billingham Green. My aunt tells me that she dated Eddie Wood a couple of times when she was about 17 years of age, that would be around about 1954, I believe he was living in York Crescent at the time. Freda lived in Cornwall Crescent. Chuck was a keen sportsman playing both football and cricket for a number of teams, Freda played netball as Captain for the school as well as a team member for both ICI and NEEB.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Company hostel of The Power-Gas Corporation Limited, Yarm Road

I stayed in the house on the right side of the Church of the Nazarene in Stockton from August 1964 to July 1965 when I was employed by The Power-Gas Corporation as a trainee engineer after my graduation from the then Hong Kong Technical College (now known as Hong Kong Polytechnic University) with sponsorship from the Education Department of Hong Kong Government.

The house was the company hostel for overseas employees of Power-Gas. On my first day at Power-Gas, I was received by the Personnel Manager Mr F.A. King who was a very nice fellow. He told me that he had been to Hong Kong when he served in the Royal Navy and that he enjoyed Chinese Dim Sum very much. My training schedule in the company was arranged by Mr. King, which included 6 months in the design office, and 6 months in the fabrication workshop at South Works, followed by one year as an assistant resident engineer at the construction site of East Greenwich Gas Works near London. During the two years period with Power-Gas, I also completed an advanced course at the Middlesbrough Polytechnic which helped me to qualify for corporate membership of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I enjoyed the time with Power-Gas very much and still remember everything at Stockton and London.

Image and details courtesy of Kwok Wong.