Rooftops of Stockton c1955

t14938This is a view of the river over the rooftops of Stockton that not many people will be familiar with, a berthed ship, cranes and rail tracks show it was still a working port, across the river is one of the many “Big Sheds” that could be seen throughout this area, steel plants, fabrication shops, foundries, ship yards, chemical plants and many others were housed in such sheds, I worked in a number of them myself as did many others in this area.

I have noticed how tightly packed the rooftops are, obviously there will be access roads around the buildings but there must have been many small alley’s leading to some of the buildings, a lot of these buildings will likely have been built in the time of horses and carts and loading and unloading was a manual task.

The buildings look to be more commercial than residential, possibly housing builders yards or rope works or one of the many different trades and suppliers that flourished in Stockton from Victorian times onwards. Can pinpoint the location the photograph was taken from and possibly name some of the streets, businesses and buildings around that area?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

South Works, Power Gas Corporation

t14751This image shows the large South Works of the Power-Gas Corporation, which was situated between Bowesfield Lane and Yarm Road. Today this area is Preston Farm Industrial Estate near Makro. It looks like it was built in the 1950’s and survived until after the A66 dual carriageway was built. What a large site to of come and gone with no trace left, apart from an access road off Yarm Road that is now Innovation Ave. This road was truncated by the A66 so an entrance was provided directly off the A66, the remains of which can still be seen next to the east bound carriageway, but there’s no sign of the pedestrian subway that went under the A66. I’m old enough to of been around when it was still standing but too young to notice so this is the first picture I’ve seen.

Details courtesy of Jonathan May.