Royal visit to Ropner Shipyard in June 1917

This photograph shows King George V, accompanied by Queen Mary, leaving the Ropner Shipyard after his visit in June 1917. This Royal visit was part of a morale boosting campaign to encourage the shipyard workers. At this time during the Great War the country was suffering heavy losses of merchant ships due to the action of German U-boats and there was a desperate need for new ships to replace them. The buildings in the background were used as lodging houses for the shipyard workers. Courtesy of Bob Harbron.

Queen Elizabeth in Roseworth 1956

This photograph of Queen Elizabeth was taken on her visit to Stockton in 1956. It was taken as she went past SS. Peter & Paul’s School (the school hall can be seen in the background) on Ragpath Lane, Roseworth. Staff and children lined the pavements to wave their flags as she went past. The photograph is courtesy of Eileen Owen who was kindly loaned it by John Glancey, former Headmaster of SS. Peter & Paul’s.