A view of Stockton taken from the north end of the town

My Great Grandmother used to herd pigs to market in Stockton. This is an old print that I have from my Great Aunt who had a millinery shop in Stockton when I was just a kid in the 1940’s. I was born in West Hartlepool and emigrated to Canada in 1963. I hope that your visitors find this old print interesting. The drawing was by one Stockton’s famous artists and furniture designer Thomas Sheraton (1751 – 1806).

Image and details courtesy of Eric Mudd.

Stockton High Street Postcard c1960s

This postcard of Stockton High Street shows a very interesting range of architectural styles, the bay windows and dormers of the Jacobean period, the three storey, red roofed Georgian, the stone and red brick Victorian and the modern 1920s Art Deco.

I find it difficult to believe that nearly all of this was to disappear
within a decade.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.