Stockton Station and Stamp Street

A view of Stockton Station seen from the back of Stamp Street.

Image and details courtesy of Gordon Armes.

Model of Stockton Station and Stamp Street

Having only the pictures on the Picture Stockton site I scaled down to 00 scale as much of the main building I could fit into the model. Houses around the station (Stamp Street – to be improved accuracy) are not in the correct location but models placed to add to the feel of the area. Taken around 3 years spare time for the whole model. The area was where my mother’s family started in Frederick Street. Fond memories of train spotting in late 50s and was so disappointed in 1978/79 to see the roof of the station removed, as can be done on the model. Next job is to improve the accuracy of the station with additional photos. Living in Australia this model reminds me daily of our childhood days. More photos if anybody interested.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alan Davis.

Old Billingham Station, 1966

This photograph was taken on 4th November 1966 on the last day of working at the old Billingham station before closure. It shows diesel D5159 based at Thornaby Sheds. Although the station was closed the goods yard stayed in operation until 1979 mainly doing work for the London Brick Company.

Details courtesy of Martin Birtle, photograph courtesy of John Hardy.

Corporation Bus Model

This is a hand finished model of an “O” bus that my brother recently got for me. It was made by a gentleman who lives somewhere in North Yorkshire. It looks quite authentic with the spattering of mud along the sides and rear. Also detailed is the address of the General Manager and Engineer, WC Wilson, whose department was in Church Road. Presumably that was in the new Council Offices. Has anyone any idea of the capacity of these buses and what was engine and horsepower?

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Bowesfield Junction, 1980

I took these images on a visit to Bowesfield signal box one Saturday afternoon during 1980. The box always interested me due to its complexity of junctions, and the volume of traffic it controlled at that time. The following day, I went on to photograph a number of signals and junctions that came under the control of this iconic location.

Photographs and details courtesy of Steve Edge Robinson.