British Road Services Staff

Here’s a photograph of the British Road Services staff taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. My sister, Brenda, is fourth from the left and this was her first job after leaving Richard Hind School.
I believe the office was somewhere near Parliament Street or St John’s Crossing.

Photograph and details courtesy of Neil Stockdale.

Two Stockton Mashes

I wonder if any Picture Stockton visitors know anything of this little ditty. Being brought up in the Garbutt Street area I was asked a good number of years ago if I had heard of it, I had not. It was then I contacted the local Remember When, they in turn asked readers to contact me if they could supply any information regarding the Two Stockton Mashers. After a week or so I received a phone call from a Thornaby gent who told me he knew of the song and without hesitation proceeded to sing it to me over the phone. He was good enough to write it out and post it on to me, so here it is…

Image and details courtesy of John Robson.

Head Wrightson, Teesdale Trip to Blackpool

This is a photograph of guys from Head’s heavy and light machine shops on their annual trip to Blackpool probably around 1968/69.
The trips were organised by Peter McGann, who is probably taking the photo, unfortunately I can only name the younger ones but I am sure Len Nicholson with his fantastic memory will be able to fill in the missing names.
Seated on the floor left to right is Stevie Whitmarsh, Dave Pitt, Gordon Grant, behind them (l to r) me (Brian Parker) and Tommy Proctor I don’t know the third guy who I think was a mate of Tommy’s and didn’t work at Heads.
The trips were a good mixture of ages with constant laughter, banter, ribbing and practical jokes and I felt privileged to be part of them.

Photograph and details courtesy of Brian Parker.

Billingham Synthonia Stadium, Central Avenue

Photographs taken in 2019 of the Central Avenue football ground, the home for many years of Billingham Synthonia. As you see the advertising hoarding and the gates are still standing, but no trace of the cantilever stand. When this stand was built in 1957 it was the longest stand of its type in the country. The pitch is a mass of weeds and sadly the goal posts are still standing waiting for a game which will never be played…

Photographs and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Furness Football Team c1932

This photograph shows the Furness Football Team in 1932 with Dicky Baker holding the ball. I believe Dicky was killed during his twenties driving his motorbike out of the bottom of Chapel Lane. He was a friend of my father, Sid Turner. My mother often spoke of him and kept this photo all her life.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeff Turner.