The Globe

I made my first post-restoration visit to The Globe this evening for “An Evening with photographer Ian Wright” the well known Northern Echo and Evening Dispatch photographer whose photos of up and coming popular beat combos in the early 1960’s put the then Globe Theatre on the musical map!
Hosted by, I think, Pam Royle and also featuring Ray Laidlaw the Lindisfarne drummer, and last group to play the Globe before it became a cinema and then bingo hall. The evening was an excellent trip back in time with of course some brilliant black and white photographs from the man himself .
Having been on several ‘hard hat tours’ of the Globe during its extended restoration, nearly typed expensive there, I was impressed by what I saw from the circle seats and the stunning art-deco paint schemes and attention to detail in the finish of the building and this evening was a free event too so too good to miss ! With thanks to Sophie Owens of SBC for details of the gig which did appear to be well supported especially by people who could say “I was there!”.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

William IV, Stockton High Street

A recent comment by Roy Buchanan (posted in ‘The Old Order Changeth’) about the loss of the buildings in the High Street, prompted me to post this image. The William IV was one of my favourite buildings in that part of the High Street, it was built during the reign of William IV 1830-1837. William IV was the younger brother of George IV who died childless, William had many children but all illegitimate, he was succeeded by his niece Victoria. He was known as the “Sailor King”. The architecture is so very different from the Georgian style that came before this and the Victorian style that followed it. The arched window is the most prominent feature but the thing I remember most is the glass top panel in the entrance door, it had a beautiful engraved image that caught the light at certain times, unfortunately I can’t remember what the image portrayed, I am hoping that somebody will know what it was. The door was recessed and I think there were two steps up to it.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

‘The Old Order Changeth’

These two shots show the South East section of the High Street between Finkle Street and Castlegate, the first shot is of the old part that was demolished in the late 1960s, some of the shops have their windows whitewashed in readiness.

The second shot is of the replacement Castlegate Centre under construction. I understand that the Castlegate Centre is its self to be demolished.

I am interested in architecture and there were some very interesting frontages amongst the old buildings, the Castlegate Centre is very much of its time, its main saving grace was the use of bricks for the main frontage, this softens the more intrusive concrete.

One of the things I liked about the old style of shops were the window displays, nowadays there are large glass fronts mainly plastered with posters and notices, shops inside of malls have glass fronts even though there is no natural light outside, the tradition of having shop windows is alive and well but the use as display areas has just about disappeared.

Images and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Thornaby Battle Of Britain Memorial Service, Sunday 12 September 2021

Thornaby Town Council held their first post-Covid Battle Of Britain Memorial Service at the Airmans Statue on Thornaby Road on Sunday, 12 September.
The service was led by Padre Robert Desics from St Marks the Evangelist and St Peter ad Vincula Churches and was attended by both the Town Mayor Councillor Steve Walmsley and his wife Councillor Sylvia Walmsley , Leader of the Thornaby Independents Association. Master Aircrewman Ian McCabe from RAF Leeming and himself a former Stockton air cadet represented the Stockton & Thornaby Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association and the Standards were carried by Roy Smith and Ian Hindmarsh.
Following the service the congregation moved to Thornaby Cemetery were local schoolchildren placed Remembrance Crosses on the graves of the fallen within the War Graves Plot.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

‘Polly Flockton’ Old Stockton Song

I’m trying to find any details on this old song ‘Polly Flockton’. It mentions South Stockton and Norton. I believe the song dates from around 1870. Does anyone know the tune and who wrote it?

Images and details courtesy of Dave Wiley.

UPDATE 2021: I have found the musical score for the song, it turns out that this was written by a German American composer E. Mack…