Thornaby Cricket Club c1940s

Neal Toulson: Thornaby Cricket Club 1940’s – Hi attached are two photographs of Thornaby Cricket Club in the 1940’s. The first photograph I believe was taken when they won the league, they won again in 1945, it had a player called Norman Nevison who was something of a legend, he took 100 league wickets in 1945, in one match he took all 10 wickets. I don’t know any of the other players.

The second photograph features Dougie Merryweather on the very back row left. Doug played for a lot of years and his sons and grandsons also played for Thornaby over the years.

Photograph and details courtesy of Neal Toulson.

Seventies Stockton Bikers

t14207Repairing the clutch on my pre unit Bonneville on the Whitby Road in 1970.
Top left clockwise: Dougie Dunn, Pete (Joe) Johnstone, David (Gabbler) Allison, Dennis (Wombat) Walton. All the guys were from Fairfield except me, from Thornaby.

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner.

Stockton Wheelers, 1976

Following on from last weekend’s Stockton Cycling event, here is a photograph of a group of the ‘younger’ Stockton Wheelers cyclists, stood on the steps of the Doric column next to the Town Hall, just before setting off on a Sunday club run. It was Stockton Wheelers Diamond Jubilee year of 1976 and I think this was a special Sunday run to celebrate the occasion. One of the riders in the photograph is Paul Curran who went on to win two commonwealth gold medals some years later.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Callender.