Fitters on Transporter Bridge July 2018

Here are Ray Branson and Brian Dodds, who is in the shadow and is wearing a cap. They are the two fitters who are called in when minor repairs on the Transporter Bridge are needed. We happened to catch them soon after they had done one of their jobs. I am in the middle of the group. Another couple of pictures shows them talking to Tony Barber from the Newcomen Society about what they had been doing.

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Recently Painted Newport Bridge, July 2018

This unusual but easily accessible view of the Newport Lift Bridge shows it in its new paint scheme. Note the cables that run down to the central section of the bridge, which once upon a time could be lifted, and also the huge balance weights on the opposite sides of each tower. The more recent A19 road bridge can be seen in the background. Also is a gas holder belonging to Newport Gasworks in the middle foreground. The gasworks is long gone and the gas holder itself is not long for this world. But from where was this picture taken?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Moving of the Endeavour, April 2018

The Endeavour moved from its current berth on the River Tees at Stockton to the Tees Barrage. This initial half-mile journey marked the first leg of the vessel’s voyage to Whitby. A massive crane positioned on Navigation Way at the Barrage hoisted the vessel to clear the top of the lock at the Tees Barrage. The lift was needed as the channel narrows at the lock gates to a width of six metres and the Endeavour’s hull is nine metres wide. From there, the Endeavour will be towed downstream to A&P Tees where it will be dry-docked and undergo a six-week refit and refurbishment including repairs to make it seaworthy. The final part of the journey to Whitby will commence and the Endeavour will be transformed into a visitor attraction scheduled to re-open later this year.

Photographs courtesy of Sylvia Coe.